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Foot massage machine -red-

Foot massage machine -red-
  • Foot massage machine -red-

Leg Slim Massager Machine

The  Leg Slim Massager Machine product features:

1.overall massage, emphasize the key, for the whole foot massage, massage for sick in among key parts of the mas foot massage tub sage.

2.double foot hole synchronous: the double scientific research personnel development and test the conclusion indicated that the foot double foot hole method than the single foot single point higher cleaned pedicure effect 3 to 5 times.

3.suit the optimists point selection: the foot machine can be according to different individuals health for pathological area to choose independently different points.

4.not from any time, the spatial limit: the foot machine such as the optimist professional pedicure division home, please every day after bath, face before sleeping, watch TV show leisure "independent the foot", is convenient, simple, available method.

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