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Vibartion fitness pad "Flabelos"

Vibartion fitness pad "Flabelos"
  • Vibartion fitness pad "Flabelos"
  • Vibartion fitness pad "Flabelos"
  • Vibartion fitness pad "Flabelos"
Main characteristics:

- It stimulates the muscles by vibrating
- Improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism
- Strengthens, tightens and keeps the muscles young
- It does not burden the heart and the joints
- He's gently fixing, not fatigued
- Solves stress and reduces tiredness
- Improves sense of balance and coordination ability
- Helps reduce fat loss and thus reduce weight
- He fights against cellulite by stimulating blood circulation
- Keeps the body young and fresh without any effort
- 20 adjustable steps
- Maximum payload: 120 kg

People over 12 years of age can use the device! Max. Load: 120 kg Designed for home use only! Before using, consult your doctor, your personal trainer.
Weight: 14 kg, Package size: 78 * 44 * 21.5 cm Material: ABS outer layer, metal frame, rubberized platform 200W 220-240V / 50-60Hz

Contents of the package:
- 1 vibration trainer
- 2 reinforcing rubber ribbons
- 1 remote control
- 1 power supply unit
-1 Manual
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