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360° Spin Mop Bucket

360° Spin Mop Bucket
  • 360° Spin Mop Bucket
  • 360° Spin Mop Bucket
  • 360° Spin Mop Bucket

Swivel head mop for everyday ease!

With the Spin Mop, your hands can stay clean and soft, you no longer have to squeeze out the mop by hand. You can reduce the duration of mopping by less than half.

A centrifuge that removes excess water but does not use electricity. The microfiber head with incredible absorbency effectively collects dirt and moisture.

Spin the water out of the mop head and wipe the floor dry, 
significantly reducing the risk of slipping You can use it for wet washing or dry dusting on marble floors,
tiles, wooden floors, windows, furniture, and even a car. You can rinse in the custom mop bucket and spin it drip-free
without having to touch it.


if you are tired of the real dirty work
you spare your hands and skin from dirt and chemicals, you can forget your gloves forever
you don't want to clean for hours

Using the Mop significantly shortens cleaning, less time, more efficiency!

Contents of the package:

-1 mop mop handle
-1 bucket
-1 Mop microfiber mop head


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