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T5 smart watch black

T5 smart watch black
  • T5 smart watch black
  • T5 smart watch black
  • T5 smart watch black
  • T5 smart watch black

1, sports records (pedometer, calorie burn, mileage)

2. Sleep monitoring (may indicate a trend in sleep quality per person)

3, photo shaking, alarm reminder, plug function

4, support calls, SMS reminders, WeChat reminders, QQ reminders, cell phones

5, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, fatigue, monitoring function

6, ECG monitoring function

7, IP67 waterproof!

8. Downloadable "App Suits2" Apps from the Apple Store and GOOGLE PLAY

9, "multi sport mode", bracelet multi reel switch


1.3 inch TFT color glass glass circle

Bluetooth chip 4.0

Test: plastic, TPU strap

One-touch operation, USB clip charging

Battery 180mAh, charge 2H, normal use approx. 7 days

Waterproof: IP67

Installation Requirements: Android 4.4, IOS8.0 and above

Languages: Hungarian, English, Chinese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish


High-precision capacitive touch screen, extremely easy to operate!

Bluetooth compatibility, fitness tracker

Pedometer, calorie counter, distance, sleep monitor

Fashionable and durable, perfect for fitness sports

Package finally:

1 * smart bracelet

1 * Charging cable

1 * User Manual
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