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RACING PRO X Gamer szék , Zöld-Fekete Ingyenes szállítással-Sokat vagy fent a neten? Vége az elgémberedett ízületeknek.

Racing Pro X gamer chair

While the computer is only in one place, the low quality chairs not only hinder us, but after a long time they also make the gaming experience unenjoyable!

Improve your situation and enjoy this comfortable chair for the next hundred and thousand hours!

What about the one-way racing seat that bothers you from all sides? With the Racing Pro X gamer chair you won't have such a problem anymore!

You’ll feel like you’re sitting in a racing car seat!

Main characteristics:

-Perfectly designed seat for racing
-Wide seat and large backrest for maximum comfort
-Tilt mechanism for backrest tilt of 150 degrees
-Height-adjustable armrest (including backrest)
-High quality German gas spring
-Universal rubber castors
-High quality steel structure
-200 kg load capacity
-The waist and neck support can be removed freely

-Ergonomic design for car racing
-The Racing Pro product family offers a number of functions for a long--lasting comfortable seating position.

-It has a soft, very high quality PU leather upholstery with high breathability.

Adjustable armrests provide great stability and comfort.

Its padded seat, backrest and armrest provide maximum comfort.

Its height is adjustable due to its gas-lift design, and its back and seat are rocking.

Thanks to the mechanical backrest and ergonomic lumbar support, you can say goodbye to a lifetime of low back pain!
You will no longer get up from your chair with your back or waist numb!

Mechanics: price

Backrests: Lumbar support, Headrest, Armrests

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