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MiraScreen G4

MiraScreen G4
  • MiraScreen G4
  • MiraScreen G4
  • MiraScreen G4
  • MiraScreen G4

MiraScreen Miracast Dongle Wireless Display Adapter HDMI TV Stick Screen Mirroring for Tablet Smartphone

Product description

System Requirement:
For iOS: Support iOS 9.0+
For Android: Support Android 5.0+ (Not include Android 7.0)

No App or drivers required. 3 steps to enjoy media on large screen: Plug->Connect->Mirroring

Step 1: Plug
Plug everything in (Please use a 5V/1A power source if your TV doesn't supply that much from its USB port). Set your TV to the HDMI port you picked.

As the connecting steps are totally different on Android devices and iOS devices, so please follow the conresponding steps below according to your devices.

Step 2: Connecting for iOS devices
Connect the MiraScreen dongle in WiFi list on your device.(Get SSID and Password/PSK on screen)

Step 3: Mirroring(iOS)
Pull up Control Center and tap "Airplay Mirroring". It may take awhile for it to show, but once you tap it your iPhone/iPad screen will now be cast to your TV.
Note: To connect your home WiFi at the same time, you need to this step(this step is only needed at the first time) before the Step 3: access the IP address This will open a setting menu, please choose “Internet” and select your home wifi to connect, after connected, please go back to connect your phone to your wifi again, now you do the Step 3 above. If you use 3G/4G instead of your home WiFi, you could ignore this step.

Step 2: Connecting for Android devices
Note: Turn on your WiFi
Please press the button on dongle to switch to Miracast mode, as MiraScreen dongle is in Airplay mode by default.
Pull down "Control Center" on your phone and activate Miracast(Screen mirroring/ Multicreen/smartview) and wait for it to appear and select it to connect. Your smart device will now be cast to your TV.

UI: Standard UI
Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n 150Mbps 2.4Ghz
Power :5V/1A
Working distance: Up to 10m.

Package Included:
1 x MiraScreen Dongle
1 x WiFi Antenna Cable
1 x English User Manual 

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