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USB WIFI adapter

USB WIFI adapter
  • USB WIFI adapter
  • USB WIFI adapter

Laptrust Wifi Dongle Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter Dongle 802.11n Plug and Play USB Wifi Adapter Pi 2 USB Adapter 

Sales Package
  • 1 WIFI Adapter with Installation CD
Model Name
  • USB WIFI Adapter Dongle 802.11n
Supported Protocols
  • IEEE 802.11N/11G/11B, CSMA/CA WITH ACK
  • DSSS
  • status
  • AES
Transmit Power
  • 20dBm(MAX EIRP)
Product Details
Work Mode
  • Infrastructure
Modulation Technology
  • dsss
Receiver Sensitivity
  • 20dBm
Operating Temperature
  • 0'C~40'C
Operating Humidity
  • 10%~90%
Storage Temperature
  • 40c~70c
Storage Humidity
  • 5%~90%
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    183 Db
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